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Huntingdon Life Sciences is one of the world's largest Contract Research Organizations. Founded in 1952 in the United Kingdom, the company is now an international business with resources on three continents.

Huntingdon Life Sciences provides services in the review of pharmaceuticals, crop protection, bio-pharmaceutical and other chemical research industries.

Through research and experiments conducted at Huntingdon Life Sciences there have been many advancements made in producing safer and better medications. There have also been many advancements in the safety of crops and what we eat on a daily basis. 

Taking care of the animals is a priority and Huntingdon is one of a hand-full of facilities awarded with Achievement of Accreditation by the Association For Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care.

Animal Welfare

When it comes to animal welfare, Huntingdon Life Sciences adheres to the "Principle of the 3 R's."

Replacement, reduction, and refinement are the 3 R's and are practiced throughout the research process to replace and reduce the number of animals needed to conduct testing. Along with the refinement of the process and the welfare of the animals used in the tests.

Animals are not used in research because it is a "cheap alternative" to non-animal techniques but in fact the opposite is true.

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